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Todd Seaver


Todd Seaver, head winemaker at Vie Winery, originally joined the operation as assistant winemaker in 2005. Todd's overall focus is on delivering a wine that is delicious to drink alone but also a great accompaniment to a meal. He works closely with mainly cool-climate sites, focusing on Rhone varietals as well as Zinfandel, maintaining a relationship with the same vineyards year after year. His primarily aim is to create full wines with palate weight and good body, that have a sharp, bright acidity and sing with food.

Todd's focus on the wine/food relationship began during his 6 year tenure as a bartender in Boston where he had the opportunity to gain familiarity with one of the most expansive wine cellars on the East Coast, sampling an abundance of world-class wines from France and California. It was there that he was able to develop his palate, while learning about the relationship of wine with food and the importance acidity plays into the equation. He has remained focused on the food/wine relationship throughout his winemaking career.

In 1998 Todd began making wine at home in New England, getting grapes shipped across the country from Lodi. In just a few years he maxed out his home winemaking operation in terms of capacity and the quality he was able to achieve, and he set his sights on relocating to California where he could expand his winemaking potential. Luckily, a lawyer by trade, he was able to remain with his firm and transfer to the Bay Area in 2004. He immediately took advantage of his new residence, contracting for grapes before he had even found a place to live, and started utilizing Crushpad's custom crush facilities which happened to be near his office. It was there that he met Bryan Kane who shared a common passion and winemaking philosophy, and invited him to become part of Vie Winery.

Todd has been a part of VIE's journey's from a year after its start in the Mission in 2004, to its move to Treasure Island and expansion into its own Tasting Room in 2012. Along with this journey, Todd gained valuable experience while making wine at Copain Custom Crush where he was able to work alongside many great winemakers from the likes of DuMOL, Donum, Roessler Cellars, and Copain, of course. Later, Todd moved to Nicholson Ranch where several great wines were made including the famed Schrader Cellars. Today, Todd remains assistant winemaker for Bryan Kane and now heads up winemaking operations at VIE Winery – one of San Francisco's original urban wineries.

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